We take care of all services from design through to paper processing and cutting, handling, assembly and delivery. The format and packaging will bei done individually per order under the conditions of the brand. Eupaco can provide all kind of photo-paper. It is also possible to handle third party photo paper of the packaging of non-paper products.

Our production and warehouse facilities are centrally located in the heart of the EU with the best infrastructure access.

Combined with our service-oriented approach we design and manufacture your products.

Well-known trading companies and discounters rely on our:

  • performance
  • reliability
  • quality
  • flexibility
  • neutrality
  • loyalty

We look forward to your call at 0049-9122-833029 or email

Your Eupaco-Team

Technical equipment (examples)

Online production line
Online Fertigungsstraße

Box mounting machine

  • Double head erecting machine for two-piece box
  • Form field of two-piece box in mm:
  • L=150-420; W=100-260; H=16-65

Conveyor line

  • Conveyor line to assemble
  • L=12m; W=0,5m

Welding machine

  • Foil welding machine
  • Size range:
  • min: 100mm x 50mm x 10mm
  • max: 800mm x 400mm x 150mm

Cutting machines

  • Guillotine

  • Sheeter
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